Compañía Internacional de Integración - Corporate Values

a. Quality of Service:

We strive to continuously improve of our services while forming a high-level technical and professional team that provides security and confidence to our customers.

b. Respect for Confidentiality:

With our staff we create a high sense of responsibility towards the company’s mission to promote respect and commitment to customers.

c. Company’s Participatory Contribution:

Develop appropriate communication channels and liaisons to ensure effective participation of our employees and customers in monitoring and improving the management of the company.

d. Commitment to the business activity:

We are fully identified with International Company of Integration CI2, its mission, values​​, programs and projects, as legitimate grounds to meet our commitment as employees of the same.

e. Honesty in action:

In our actions and decisions we endeavor to transcend the object and purpose, so that good always prevails customer, suppliers and colleagues.

f. Promoting Social Responsibility Stakeholders:

We have a strong commitment to contribute to sustainable development, government agencies, associations, foundations, non-profit, non-governmental organizations and various social movements that strengthen comprehensive child development, education and the environment communities where we operate.