Position and consolidate “SOC CSIRT Ci2” as a reference and single point of contact for the attention, prevention and response to internal security incidents and our stakeholders, maintaining our commitment to the environment, people's safety, guiding efforts to guarantee the necessary conditions for the assurance of the technological platform of Ci2 SA and support to interested parties.

The general objective of SOC CSIRT Ci2 is:

  • Strengthen the human team of Ci2 S.A. for the prevention, investigation and attention of security incidents that attempt against the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the information.

The strategic objectives of SOC CSIRT Ci2, are:

Be the only point of contact to report emerging threats and / or information security incidents.

Provide advice and support organizations in general, in the protection of threats and / or risks associated with information security.

  • Strengthen the procedures for handling information security incidents through the use of standards, good practices and permeable with the internal corporate environment and the stakeholders.
  • Establish strategic alliances of collaboration for the coordination and management of security incidents with the different CSIRTs of national and international nature (when required), to consolidate the mechanisms of mutual aid in the matter of information security.
  • Deepen awareness of information security.
  • Develop strategies to generate recommendations to users to disseminate and provide a system of early alerts, communications announcements that prevent the risks associated with information security.